Classical Theater
The Classical Theater Group focus on a progressive and continuous training of its participants through regular contact with professionals in the various theater-related fields, and through the works of nationally and internationally acclaimed authors, as well as through the promotion of initiatives in the amateur artistic forum within the association, keeping in mind its public’s profile, given the socio-pedagogical dimension inherent to all cultural practice. And it was the work of such professionals as Figueira Cid (CENDREV), Rui Sérgio (Teatro da Trindade), Cristina Bizarro, and Helena Flôr that brought about the quality achieved in many productions. The group gathers punctually for meetings and rehearsals.

Experimental Theater
Aiming to promote experimentation in various settings, the Cultural Association Ideias do Levante promotes several theater programs throughout the year, hoping to develop a taste for acting and for theater in the general public, as well as to gather theater lovers and sympathizers to participate in theater productions.

Student Theater
Hoping to create partnerships with public and private schools in Lagoa, the Cultural Association Ideias do Levante promotes several programs to develop a taste for theater and to get students to participate in theater productions. These programs focus on students from the region of Lagoa (Algarve) between the ages of 14 and 20.

Theater against social exclusion
The association, in partnership with the departments of Social Services, Habitation and Health of the city of Lagoa, develops a theater program destined to children and youths between the ages of 12 to 18 who reside in the municipal neighborhoods of Lagoa. This project intends to promote social inclusion and to contribute to the rupture of the generational cycles of poverty. Thus it direct our intervention to one of the most vulnerable groups, youths and children, who are more susceptible to learning and to the assimilation of information that will allow for a future in which more choices are available. The city of Lagoa has invested strongly in the support and close accompaniment of family members who reside in the municipal neighborhoods, in particular on the development of activities of recreation, sports, educational, pedagogical and cultural that allow open access to the various age groups within this population, structurally excluded and stigmatized. It was in those terms that the association board proposed to bring about this project of theater training against exclusion.