Coral Ideias do Levante
The choir was founded in 1996, and quickly became one of the highlights of the Association Ideias do Levante. Initially under the regency of maestro Ricardo Carvalho, it was not until January 1998, under the artistic direction of Prof José Carlos Bago d’Uva, that the group began work based on a new concept of pedagogia do canto oral (oral singing pedagogy). Francisco Brazão was the choir’s assistant maestro from September to November of 2003. The choir was also privileged, until 2003, to have the accompaniment of the illustrious pianist Rute Simões. It has performed in various places across Portugal and Spain, including the SEMANA CORAL DE LAGOA (Choir Week of Lagoa), an event that brings choir music concerts to the council, attracting choirs from the region, Portugal and other countries. The choir Ideias do Levante has as its objective to improve its participants’ technical and artistic qualities, and to promote Lagoa and the Region culturally through polyphonic choir music. It uses its varied repertoire to educate and entertain the public. The intense cultural development by the choir is due in great measure to the city of Lagoa’s support. The choir has often been accompanied by Lutz Kettnaker and has been directed, since November 2003, by artistic director Prof Francisco Brazão.

Chamber Choir
The association hosts a chamber choir composed of six to eight singers of different ages and nationalities. The Chamber Choir Ideias do Levante was founded in 2000 as the result of a concept developed by Prof. José Carlos Bago d’Uva, and its repertoire includes both popular and sacred music. The Choir holds as its objective to gradually improve its participants’ technical and artistic qualities, and to promote Lagoa and the Algarve region culturally through polyphonic choir music. The choir is partially supported by the city of Lagoa and is directed by Prof. Francisco Brazão since 2003.

Lagoa's Choir Week
Each year, for one week, singing sweeps through Lagoa, and voices from all places unite in a harmonious feast of melodies and emotions. The Choir Week of Lagoa is already a reference in the panorama of Algarvian choir festivals. It began as the tiny cry of a strong and determined child, then grew with school songs learnt and sung, and now has become a searcher of new sounds and experiences in polyphonic choir singing. Each year it yearns to go farther, to innovate, to dare to fly even higher. Each year, the Choir Week of Lagoa is bigger and more mature. And with it, the singers who participate have also grown at the musical level. Many friendships have been firmed. Many musical ties have been formed. Many songs have been found. This is the secret of music, the same musical beat that regulates all hearts. And this is why we love music - it unites us. It makes our hearts beat in one single rhythm. The Choir Week of Lagoa is, according to its first mentor, José Carlos Bago d’Uva, a conference open to the sharing of musical experiences and of unforgettable moments; it is the time of the year when Lagoa sings “in four voices” the (en)chantment of vocal polyphony across the lands of the Levante.