A brief story

IDEIAS DO LEVANTE - a brief story about us

Inspired by the disquiet of the wind after which it is named, the Cultural Association Ideias do Levante was born in April 27th, 1995. In its origin were a group of youths who, bewitched by the South-east (Levante) wind and by the strength of their ideas, desired to foment culture in the town of Lagoa.

From its incipience, the association intends to focus on identifying, creating, promoting and advertising cultural activity, to promote education in the same area, to debate ideas and to culturally promote Lagoa and the region of Algarve.

Many are the activities developed by the association throughout the years devising the creation of a public and the multiplication of participants. Among these cultural activities, the regular courses and the workshops in various cultural branches stand out, and also the association cells (drama, music and dance).

Parallel to its main cultural activities, the association has developed, alone or in partnerships, various projects concerning the topic of new information technologies (since 1997) in the service of culture/tourism and association building. 

The association offers also a range of activities related to the welfare of which entitles bioLevante. Among the activities, we highlight Dance, Hatha-Yoga, Pilates and Massages. According to the coordination of the project bioLevante, "in a society so dynamic, where you need a great ability to adapt to everything that is part of our life, it is essential to be in great shape physically, emotionally and mentally". 

It is thanks to much work, will, faith, support, and capacity to dream, that Ideias do Levante has been able to fulfill its projects throughout the years, and to be today the target of rising recognition in the cultural and associative milieu.

There are many entities who support and value the work developed by the association, among which the Municipality of Lagoa, Parish of Lagoa, the local and regional communication and many others who directly or indirectly are betting on our success.

The association’s initial bets are still valid, and we intend to keep on disquieting with our east wind ideas.